Johanna Fausto grew up in Elmhurst, Queens and is thrilled to be teaching in the borough that she loves so much.

When she was a teenager, she dislocated her right kneecap which caused her knee to painfully pop in and out at random times. Eventually, she had arthroscopic surgery to fix it but her knee was never the same. Over the course of 18 years, she lost strength, flexibility and full range of motion in her right leg.

By her early 30s, she couldn’t even walk down a set of stairs without holding on to a handrail, taking one step at a time. By the time she tried her first Bikram yoga class in March 2009, her body was a mess: she felt chronic pain in her back, glutes, shoulders, ankles, and wrists. Western medical doctors could not explain what was happening to her and they offered surgery and prescription drugs as solutions.

Her Type-A, overachieving personality drove her to  constantly seek perfection leading to an overworked and very stressed life.

She started seeing a holistic healer who recommended she find an exercise that made her sweat. After doing research, she discovered Bikram Yoga and read about how the practice healed many ailments.

It gave her tremendous hope and she tried it because she was desperate to live free from pain. In the first month, she practiced 5-6x a week and almost all of her pain disappeared.  She was amazed!

Her right knee took much longer to heal but after 2 years of consistent practice, it finally did. That long process taught her a lot about patience and compassion towards herself,
healing both her body and mind.

Today, she lives pain-free and doesn’t take herself so seriously. She is so grateful to this yoga for that second chance.

She attended Fall 2011 teacher training in Los Angeles so that she could help others heal
because we all deserve to live a life full of vitality.

This yoga practice is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

And remember:  lock your knee, lock your knee, lock your knee!