Rachel Kaplan is catapulting into the mainstream with her concepts on raising awareness about good health for the body, mind and spirit through the practice of Bikram Yoga and a balanced diet. Rachel graduated from Bikram’s Intense Teacher Training in Honolulu, Hawaii in Fall 2007 and is currently teaching at Bikram Yoga Astoria.

While Rachel continues to stay passionate and teach Bikram’s Yoga, she is also getting her BS in Nutrition with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian in New York State.

As a full time Bikram Instructor in New York City, Rachel has developed a specialty in body alignment and consistency that builds a very high standard for Bikram Yoga practitioners, resulting in the balance everyone who is interested in good health desires. Rachel is available for private instruction and adds, “Seeing a subtle misalignment in a particular posture is easier in a private session. I am able to devote my entire time to continuing the evaluation of each movement and will advise the student on how to correct it. After practicing Bikram this way for a while, the student develops a more beneficial habit toward achieving their goals.”

One thing remains for all who approach yoga practice with serious intent: this is a great way to develop good health and increase longevity during your lifetime.