Gayoung Yoon traveled from South Korea to Brooklyn to study interior architectural design at Pratt Institute.  The pressure of school, lack of sleep and difficult adjustment as an international student brought physical and emotional stress and depression.  Although reaching her goals is important, Gayoung learned that overall happiness and good health reign supreme.
Having taken class in 2005 in Korea she recalled the benefits of Bikram Yoga which increased her flexibility and calmed her mind. She hadn’t taken a class since, but felt that Bikram would be the perfect antidote for her health and happiness.  So, in 2011, she took control of her life and re-entered the hot room  where she found answers.
The improvement was so positive she decided to go the Teacher Training in 2012 where she gained a deeper understanding of the practice allowing her to ensure that her students find the same amazing results she has found.
Most of all, Gayoung wants to be a healthy yogi and spread her positive energy to her community at Bikram Yoga Astoria!