John Sanchez first heard of Bikram from coworkers and wondered why anyone would put themselves in a hot room  to twist and stretch their bodies for  90 minutes. After many years of declining invites to take a class, John met up with an old friend whom had completely transformed their body doing Bikram Yoga. Having struggled with weight his whole life John became intrigued and made up his mind to give it a try. At the end of his first class, he was hooked.

Intrigue was replaced with desire for more of this feeling of lightness and clarity of mind. Weight Loss and muscle tone came with his practice, but so did something else….The Beginning of Self Realization. John had found himself more capable than he ever thought he could be.  Two months after beginning his practice, he made the decision to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles Spring 2014. 

Since completing his training, John has dedicated himself to helping others to find that beautiful place within themselves, where Mind and Body can coexist. 

Focus, Concentration, Determination, Self control, and Patience with the Body that you’re in is at the core of John’s practice and Teaching.