I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, so I’m a long way from home. I am a writer and creator and it was during my time studying at The National Theatre back in 2001 that I first discovered the power of yoga.

I took my first Bikram class back 2002 when it was still emerging and unfortunately it was not love-at-first-sweat. The heat challenged me in a way that I wasn’t ready for and I didn’t return until 2005. But, that’s when I really fell for it.

I found out really quickly that the yoga was not only hugely beneficial in healing my knee injuries and improving my asthma and overall health but even more importantly, it allowed me to start building a positive relationship with myself. It opened my mind and my heart and allowed me to start to have faith in myself and what I could do.

I headed to teacher training in the spring of 2007 and returned ready to help others connect with themselves through the yoga.

Fast forward to 2017. After teaching full-time for years, my life and career have changed and I now only teach 2 classes a week, but those two classes always fill me with such joy and inspiration. The students here at Astoria continually remind me of why I love the yoga and that I am always first and foremost a student. Whether it be on the mat or the podium. It’s an honor to get to sweat it out and learn with you all every week.

See you in the hot room!