Nancy El Naggar started practicing Bikram’s Yoga in her 22nd year of a retail career that lasted another 3 long years. Needless to say everything hurt from her fingers down to her toes after all those years of international travel, long, long days in front of the computor, constant unending meetings and intense stress.  Bikram’s Yoga brought peace, freedom from pain, and a renewed sense of strength and well being.

Nancy attended teacher training in San Diego 2010, and she and her husband Ash partnered with Jim Kallett in opening the Bikram school in Queens in 2010.  Life is so good now…creating a home for the original, one and only hot yoga in Astoria and watching what happens!!! Nancy graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Physical Education.

You can find Nancy shopping (old retail habits die hard!), enjoying the amazing restaurants in Astoria, and of course in class! Nancy lives in Queens with Ash and Lila and Ryan and Buddy.